Jeni and Dave’s engagement session St. John VI

Cinnamon Bay Beach, St. John Virgin Islands
Soon to wed couple Jeni and Dave decided to have their engagement session on St. John, Virgin Islands. We photographed at some really cool and romantic places. Although the weather was fantastic, Jeni and Dave made it PERFECT. They are so much in LOVE. Just watching the way Dave looked and responded to Jeni, the song by Percy Sledge “when a man Loves a Woman” came to mind. But to just leave it with the way he looked at her would be one sided, she too looked at him with love. So I will leave you with a few lines from the song ( when a Woman Loves a Man) by the artist “Westlife”.

When the stars are in her eyes
And the sun is in her smile
The only moment in a life
That happens the same time
Is when a woman loves a man

  • Jennifer Ryan - March 17, 2011 - 3:20 am

    Louis was exceptional- in every way- and the BEST money spent all week. Not only did he capture over 100 priceless pictures, he was easy, fun, and pleasurable to work with. He made it incredibly comfortable and easy. More so, the price he charged is VERY VERY fair as he devoted over three hours and allowed us to keep the orignal pictures on disk. He was a perfect gentleman and had great equipment. I would even consider flying him to the States for our wedding as getting him would be worth the price of a RT ticket and more! Thanks Louis! The photos will give us a life time of memories. Anyone travelling to St. John or St. Thomas would be smart to get some great family or couple pictures with you as it is the BEST memento to bring home-regardless of the occassion. THANKS AGAIN!!! Jeni & Dave

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