Virgin Islands family photo session | West Family



There is something precious…something very special about photographing a family. No matter how large or how small a family, I am always honored to be allowed to photograph such a precious treasure. I remember as a young kid growing up,  family photographs were always important. Every summer we would all gather at my grand parents home and family images would be captured. The parents all dignified, stiff and posed and we the kids, no matter how clean and well dressed we were when we arrived…well let me say we were not that way when it was time for the photographs. Now many years later, looking at the photographs I am filled with happiness and sadness at the same time. The memories of the moment and my childhood are instantly refreshed in my mind, the laughter we shared and how very much fun we all had is suddenly there…I am there, back to my child hood, with all of my family, even the ones at are no longer here.

I personally know how powerful and how valuable images are. Thus, capturing images such as these of the West family at Hawks Nest beach on St. John, Virgin Islands, I know that I have created something special that they will cherish more and more as each day passes. Their beautiful girls group so fast. Whether, it’s the four teeth, or the way she holds her little sister or maybe it’s just the way she smiles at daddy. We captured it. For all time, we can remember them just as they are today. Always our little girls. LL

  • Melodie - January 19, 2013 - 1:52 am

    The pictures are so beautiful. We can’t wait to see them all…
    Thanks for capturing our family photos. The girls look so cute.

    We hope to be able to take more in the future.

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