Virgin Islands wedding photography | Ashley and Evan are married on St. John

Being a wedding photographer, I am blessed with a very precious opportunity to not only document a special event but, more importantly be a part of it. I am awarded a special access pass to mingle within the ranks of family and friends to take personal, special moments, document and share with everyone. It is through this special agreement that I have been given the privilege  to observe people in some of their most personal and happiest times. I have often heard people say “May you always be as happy as you are today”.  It had a nice ring to it and I had always liked the saying, until this wedding. During the well wishing right after the ceremony some one in the crowd said “As you grow old together may you look back and see that the Love and Happiness  that you had on your wedding day be a mere fraction of the Love and Happiness that you share as you grow older”.

These words were so sweet to my ears and offered much hope and admiration. It did not take a person with good eyesight to see the Love in the eyes of Ashley and Evan as they looked at one another during the ceremony.  In fact, I think that you didn’t need your eyes at all…you could just feel it when they came close to you and hear it when they spoke. Like a soft sweet melody, echoes of their love filled the air for all to hear and feel. A deep passionate love that story books are made of is the type of Love I saw. And, to imagine a man loving his woman so much more than their wedding day is truly inspirational. Maybe, a new love story will be written and if it does I am sure that it will be about Ashley’s and Evan’s love. Thank you guys for sharing and the inspiration. LL

image of flowers held by wedding party on St. John
image of father giving away his daughter on her wedding day on St. John usviimage of bride and groom during the ceremony at the westin resort st johnimage of father of the bride getting emotional as he watches his little girl on her wedding dayimage of wedding couple on st. johnimage of bride during her bridal portrait session on the Virgin Islandsimage of bride during her wedding portrait session at the westin resort VIwedding image of bride and groom at the westin on St. Johnimage of bride with a parasol on St. Jiohn usviimage of groom kissing his bride in the US virgin Islandsimage of bride and groom at the Westin resort virgin islands
image of bride and groom walking hand in hand on St. Johnimage of wedding party having fun on St. John virgin islandsimage of family kissing the bride at the Westin resort on St. John VIimage of the wedding party on the beach at the Westin Resort on St. Johnimage of a wedding couple kissing on the beac at the Westin resort

  • Beverly Disch - September 12, 2013 - 6:21 pm

    Thank you for capturing so many special moments. You are so right about Evan and Ashley…theirs is a very special love story that I’m sure will be told for a long time. Both families share a special love with each member of that family which is very evident whenever we are together. To all of us, love is very important and we show it every day and every way possible. Thank you again for such beautiful memories.

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