A St. John, Virgin Island wedding, Jessica and Keith are married.

It has been so long since I last sat down and wrote a blog. I felt uninspired and the weddings were starting to become routine. I don’t know if people are just really busy or if they feel that photography and photographers are something that you choose just to say you have one. I say this because, I am often commissioned to photograph someones nuptials and I never hear from them until I see the bride walk down the isle. At this point, I feel that I am not giving all that I can to truly make their images personal. It’s like getting all dressed up and going to a really fancy restaurant and allowing the chef to serve you what ever he or she likes. No matter how good it tasted or how nice the meal was, just imagine how much nicer it would have been if he or she knew your likes and prepared it just for you…made it yours.

My bride, Jessica, on the other hand was very involved, emails, phone calls and even a little personal note all spoke volumes, to me they said “HEY, I AM FUN LOVING. HAVE A WONDERFUL FAMILY AND THE MAN THAT I ‘M GOING TO MARRY IS MY SOULMATE”. I want to shoot here, there, over there and if we have time I want to go there too. It was WONDERFUL. Finally someone that did not want me to take pictures but create photographs, beautiful sweet tear drops of their life. Photographs with breath and a pulse and knowing a little, just a very little, we as photographers…story tellers are able to prepare just for you, your very on special entree that never fills you up nor makes you uncomfortable. But acts more like a wonderful appetizer that can stimulate warm thoughts of YOUR LOVE and the beginning, all through out the rest of your life. Thank you Jessica for your wonderful friends and family and making us feel so warm and sharing your special day, More importantly, Thank You for being you and the INSPIRATION that you have given me. All the best. LL

  • Jessica (Fredette) Taylor - May 28, 2014 - 1:41 am

    Oh man, you touched my heart with that blog! My entire family commented on what a gentle & sweet soul you were. We are the lucky ones to have found you. I look forward to passing on the “referral gift” to a future St John bride that someone before me bestowed upon me. But even better I look forward to coming back for an anniversary & hiring you again!!!

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