St. John Virgin Islands wedding photography | Marilyn and Glen are married at Kalorama

To hear the excitement in a brides voice as she ask questions and discusses her big day is wonderful but, to be actually apart of her decision making, ever how small is priceless. I don’t think I will ever forget the first conversation Marilyn and I had over the phone as she told me her wedding ideas and plans for her destination wedding. She told me she had a big decision to make. “I have two dresses that I like and I can’t make a decision”. ┬áBring them both, I said and she busted out laughing. The tone, the happiness the sheer beauty of her voice was truly priceless. Since that first conversation, we spoke over the phone a couple of times, as well as passed a few emails leading up to her big day. “I found another dress” she said . To me this was wonderful. It wasn’t about a dress or two or three but, more about the beautiful sensitivity of a woman that understand, it’s OK to be multifaceted. Fun, sensitive, wonderful sense of humor and beautiful, just to name a few of her facets. All made for a wonderful photo session. Her first contact with Glen, is a spin of a first glance. Glen was set up in a spot and Marilyn came behind him, they could talk, hold hands and be together but he had to keep his eyes closed. I can’t even begin to imagine how intense the other senses came into play. Hearing her voice, Smelling her special perfume, holding her hand, tasting her honeyed kisses and not being able to see her face, her smile or her DRESS, it was so romantic…so intense. Such a wonderful feeling to be apart of something so warm, special,romantic and powerful. Thank you Marilyn and Glen, Thank you, Thank you.


  • Rosa - November 23, 2014 - 6:33 am

    LL ~ I was there at this beautiful destination wedding!! What an experience! The island, the people, the candles, the flowers, the view and then the bride!! As each magical, romantic moment unfolded I would look for you to see if you were catching it and you were always there! I was in awe of your concentration, how quickly you seemed to anticipate the next shot when things were happening spontaneously and, at the same time, you were invisible and never disturbed the flow of friends and family as we celebrated this wonderful couple. You captured the love and humor that Marilyn and Glen share – and the tenderness. Your photographs immediately transported me to the fun and the joy of that day! Thank you !!

  • Marilyn & Glen - November 29, 2014 - 9:50 pm

    Thank you so much for capturing all the wonderful moments of our wedding day.
    You created a safe environment for us to play, be vulnerable, and just be ourselves.
    Your images captured all the feelings of love, joy and happiness we felt for each other both in the beautiful settings in St John and on our wedding day.
    Seeing those emotions reflected in the photos is priceless.
    When life gets busy and we get into our “fishing buddy” mode all we have to do is look at your images of that day and remember that love and laughter are the most important things in life.

    We feel so blessed to have found you.
    As you know, we love you Lou!

  • Betty - December 1, 2014 - 5:34 pm

    It was magic…the way that you captured the essence of the wedding celebration…….and the love that Marilyn and Glen share for one another. And we, as guests, share for them.

    Lou, you captured the day in perfection with the fabulous pictures of the Bride and Groom and everyone that attended. Truly a “keepsake of pictures” for all to enjoy. Thank you for treating Marilyn and Glen…..and all of us….with such joy in all that you do.


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