Thinking of a Trunk bay wedding

Of all of the locations where I perform wedding photography, Trunk Bay on St. John is at the top of the list. With it white sandy beach I totally understand why it is a favorite for destination wedding couples. For us wedding and family photographers it offers so much more. It allows us to capture people when they have left all of stress and worry of everyday life back at home. Real emotion is what we normally see and capture. Be it wedding photography or family portrait sessions it is usually possible to capture images where it seems that you were the only one on its white sandy beach. And for wedding photography it appears magical, very romantic.

Many of the couples that I have photographed often come back to this magical place. Each has their special time that they visit the beach. But, it seems that when it’s all said and doneĀ most will come back to watch the sun set and the heavens dance with wonderful bright colors of passion. I am sure thatĀ all who witness this will not only appreciate the beauty but, also give pause and think of all that is really important.

So if your thinking of Trunk bay for your destination wedding a renewal or maybe a wonderful family portrait session, you in for a magical experience. Enjoy the tropical warm waters or just bath in her beauty but, know, you will desire to come back.


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