St. Thomas Wedding photography | Vanessa and Joel are married at the Ritz Carlton

Virgin Islands wedding photography

One of the loveliest venues on St. Thomas to have a destination wedding and for wedding photography is the Ritz Carlton. Located on the east end of St. Thomas, the Ritz Carlton has almost a 180 degree view of the ocean, well manicured lawns, award winning cuisine and the global reputation of the Ritz that is synonymous with fine quality. But,more importantly it is the location that Vanessa and Joel decided to have their destination wedding.

On the hill, over looking the Caribbean sea and witnessed by some of their closest friends and family they exchanged vows of love and eternity. With a gentle tropical ocean breeze and the music of violins playing, they gazed into each others eyes, held hands and warmly smiled at one another. All eyes were on them, watching, awaiting to hear their personal promise of love and reflecting on their own lives experiences. This is the essence of of a marriage. A beginning for one and a renewal/sharing for another. Vanessa and Joel’s marriage touched many.

I often smile when I see people getting married and exchanging vows. Being a wedding photographer, I can see the look in others eyes as they watch the wedding couple. Briefly to me but, I am sure to them, years or a life time of memories flood their thoughts. Taken back into time is what a wedding can do to someone who has experienced a wonderful love. It allows you to appreciate your love by sharing and being a witness to someone else’s love. It is for this reason I believe that many couples hold hands during weddings. I Think it’s a symbolic gesture of their love, a small token that seems so little but, means so much.

Vanessa and Joel your wedding and reception was truly beautiful. I am sure that the beauty of your love has reminded many of their love and brought to you many well wishes of eternal happiness and love. All the best. LL

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