Virgin Islands wedding videography | Dana and Ryan marry at the Ritz Carlton on St.Thomas

I am often torn between being a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer. Both professions are very rewarding and satisfying but it always seems that no matter which one I am conducting at the time, I also see the other in my minds eye. My thoughts going into the sessions with photography are to capture moments and with video is to tell a story. On many occasions while covering these events I  see the present story developing and presenting it’s self to me.  To capture what I see is easy but, to present it with feelings I find difficult.

During many events I have asked myself, how a father feels when he give his daughter away and if he still sees her as a little girl…his little girl.  And I do admit, that on a few occasions I have asked a father to two and their answer was always one word it was either yes or no. But, always after they answered they would walk away.  During Dana’s preparation I, had noticed her father writing his speech his words full or power and meaning and all from a fathers point of view. Here is Dana and Ryan’s wedding video highlight. Through his eyes and his words.

All the best Dana and Ryan LL

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